We believe... couples who boldly make intentional choices in their relationship, despite their past, can grow together and defy the odds against them

Meet Garrett & Chelsea

Certified Relationship Coaches & Motivators

Garrett & Chelsea are ICF certified Relationship Coaches through Empowered Couples University. 


We are a blended family, with three boys and have an appreciation for the strength, understanding and resilience required in blended families. It's not easy with all of the moving parts, history and difficulties to create meaningful connection, but it is possible!

Our passion is working with couples who desire to have a deeper, more fulfilling relationship where both partners feel united to take the actions that make them stronger and more passionate about what matters most to them.


We believe in the power of vulnerability, acknowledging your partner's past and the power of a positive mindset. 

You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.

Strengthen These Areas Of Your Relationship




Conflict Resolution





When you and your partner acknowledge that you want to grow together and improve your relationship skills you'll feel   



in your relationship. 

"I honestly got more out of this one hour call than the 2 months of counseling we've done. This actually gave me tangible actions I could implement in our relationship for the better, right away."

- Amanda

"When we created our Vision Statement, we felt inspired and motivated to accomplish our goals as a couple. Now we have a reference point to use for future decisions. We feel closer and more aligned than ever before. Thank you."

- Nick

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It gives you a vision and purpose for your future together!

No relationship is perfect,

 EVERY relationship can get better!


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