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Counselling is old school.

Coaching is new school.

You've come to the right place! 

Relationship Coaching with Transformed Couples

has the power to improve

the quality of your relationship

and your life!

Coaching Focuses on Awareness & Skill Development

Relationship Coaching is about developing skills you need together.

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

Our Coaching is for you IF :

  • You want to improve your communication & conflict resolution skills, so you understand each other.

  • You want to feel aligned and supportive of each other in the direction you both desire for your relationship.

  • You want to become the best version of yourself because you know that when you love yourself, the quality of your relationship will improve.

  • You want to grow together and not apart, by deepening your love and understanding for each other.

  • You want a customized approach that produces long term results.

  • You want to become a strong, united and resilient team!

Benefits of Relationship Coaching

Strengthen Key Areas Of Your Relationship:

  • Effective Communication: spend less time arguing & feeling frustrated. 

  • Conflict Resolution: understand your partner better and move past arguments faster.

  • Money Management: create alignment and learn the #1 principle for security & enjoyment of money.

  • Intimacy: raise emotional & physical connection to increase passion and excitement.

  • Goal Setting: create alignment as a couple to grow together in the same direction.

  • Roles: powerfully navigate complexities of your life together.

  • Responsibilities:​ gain clarity to create clearer expectations.

  • Decision Making: quicker with less resentment and doubt.

Couple rubbing noses to stay warm.

Ask yourself these questions to see if coaching could benefit your relationship:

- Do you want to feel more united, aligned and connected with your partner?

- Do you want to learn skills that will help deepen your connection and build your resilience?

- Do you want to communicate more effectively?

- Are you tired of having the same arguments over and over and feeling frustrated?

- Do you want to learn how your individual personality types can work together?

- Do you want to feel less anxious about money management with your partner?

- Are you looking to better understand why your partner does or says certain things that upset you?

- Do you want to look at conflict as an opportunity for growth?

- Do you want a relationship that makes you feel alive, inspired and strong?

- Are you prepared to make intentional choices to grow together?

- Do you want to become a TRANSFORMED COUPLE?

If you answered 'YES' to these questions, you've come to the right place! 

Having a Couples Vision StatementSM is the foundation for moving your relationship forward in alignment together. 

We feel so strongly in the power of this for your relationship, that creating your Couples Vision CallSM is part of ALL our coaching programs!

At the end of your Coaching, you'll have a Couples Vision StatementSM for your relationship.


It's created by you and your partner and will be unique to your relationship. We'll share with you ways to continue growing together in your relationship. 

From the very beginning, we're on your team. To work with you, listen to you, teach you and hold you accountable to developing the relationship skills you want and need to feel inspired and strong in your partnership!

You have nothing to risk, schedule your free Couples Vision CallSM now! 

What's included with Couples Coaching:


The #1 online Relationship Assessment tool in the world, that has strengthened more than 4 million couples, over 40 years.


With your personal assessment results, understand your relationship 'strength & growth' areas with a customized personal action plan.


Virtual 2-on-2 coaching sessions with Garrett & Chelsea to teach, guide, and hold you accountable to implementing the most effective relationship skills.


Advanced workbook exercises for self paced development between your sessions and yours to keep for after your coaching is complete for future reference. The exercises focus on core relationship areas including: conflict resolution, communication, prioritizing stress, and budgeting your finances.

Weekly accountability email coaching on your action plan from each session.

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