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Counselling won't help you.

 Better relationship skills will.

Let's face it.

Nobody likes to look back on their problems to talk about the past.

But looking to the future, and having the right skills to accomplish your goals as a couple is exciting!

Become a Transformed Couple By Developing The Right Skills

Relationship Coaching is all about awareness and skill development!

When you’re a blended family, these two elements are even more important given the complexities of your relationship.

Your awareness to the importance of how you balance your personal needs and the needs of your partner is something you might not have taken into consideration in the past and it may have contributed to your past marriage breakdown.


Now you find yourself not only trying to balance your relationship but everything else that comes with a blended family.


You’re also trying to understand how to co-parent with your ex, how you and your partner agree to rewards and discipline with your kids, how to communicate effectively, how to manage your finances, not to mention how to respond when your stepchild says they don’t have to listen to you because you’re not their ‘real’ mom or dad.

These challenges are real, and we know that because we’re a blended family couple!


Having the right skills and strategies as a couple is so important to preventing future frustration, anger, resentment and division between you and your partner, or you and your stepkid(s).

Transformed Couples Coaching involves building skills to become strong, united, connected and resilient in your relationship!

How do you know if relationship coaching is for you?

Our Coaching is for you IF :

  • You want to improve your communication & conflict resolution skills, so you understand each other.

  • You want to feel aligned and supportive of each other in the direction you both desire for your relationship.

  • You want to become the best version of yourself

  • You want to grow together and not apart.

  • You want a customized approach that produces long term results.

  • You want to become a strong, united and resilient team!

Leaning in and smiling together.

Tackle Challenges Blended Families Face: 

  • Struggling to create healthy boundaries with the 'ex', while also maintaining a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

  • Frustrated with the attitude and back talk your step kid(s) might be giving you and not having your partner on your side.

  • Balancing your finances fairly and equally and the emotional trigger of money.

  • Busy with all the roles you play in life, want effective performance to be the best partner you can be.

  • Tired from managing your schedule, your kids schedule, while also wanting to spend quality time with your partner. 

  • Disappointed in hearing excuses or running out of time in the day for intimacy.

Strengthen Key Areas Of Your Relationship:

  • Effective Communication: spend less time arguing & feeling frustrated. 

  • Conflict Resolution: understand your partner better and move past arguments faster.

  • Money Management: create alignment and learn the #1 principle for security & enjoyment of money.

  • Intimacy: raise emotional & physical connection to increase passion and excitement.

  • Goal Setting: create alignment as a couple to grow together in the same direction.

  • Roles: powerfully navigate complexities of your life together.

  • Responsibilities:​ gain clarity to create clearer expectations.

  • Decision Making: quicker with less resentment and doubt.

What's included with Couples Coaching:


The World's #1 Relationship Assessment tool that has helped more than 4 million couples, for more than 40 years.


Customized relationship action plan based on your 'strength & growth' areas.


Virtual 2-on-2 coaching sessions with Garrett & Chelsea to teach, guide, and hold you accountable to implementing effective relationship skills.


Advanced workbook exercises for self paced development. These are yours to keep and focus on core relationship areas including: conflict resolution, communication, prioritizing stress, and budgeting.

Weekly accountability email. 


Meet Your Coaches...

Under a tree during the fall.

Garrett & Chelsea Zimmerman

We are ICF Certified Relationship Coaches through Empowered Couples University.

Our relationship has provided moments of pure joy and satisfaction we never thought were possible. We've also had moments where we've been stretched and challenged beyond what we thought were our limits. All of these experiences have made us stronger and more resilient.


Our passion is working with couples who desire to have a deeper, more fulfilling relationship where both partners feel united to take the actions that make them stronger and more passionate about what matters most to them.


We believe in the power of vulnerability, acknowledging your partner's past and the power of a positive mindset.

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