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Relationship Coaching
Relationship Counselling

First things first. Relationship Coaching is NOT Relationship Counselling.


We are not counsellors or therapists; we are Relationship Coaches!


You may have tried relationship counselling in the past and if you’re anything like us, you

didn’t enjoy it and we completely understand.

Relationship counselling may have even been a reason you or your partner chose divorce.

The counselor may have made you feel inadequate, flawed or embarrassed about yourself

or your relationship. They also might have made you uncomfortable with some of the things they said or even how they looked at you. That likely had you feeling frustrated and disappointed and didn’t encourage you to want to go back. After all, who wants to sit in an office for an hour and walk out feeling worse about themselves and their relationship than when they walked in? Pretty sure you don’t!

Relationship counselling tends to look back on past events to identify trends in a relationship. Most of the time is spent reviewing your relationship history and what behaviors or emotions continually occur that are causing issues or problems. Most of the focus and energy involves looking in the rear view mirror of your relationship. This can make you or your partner, or both of you, feel uncomfortable. Rather than ‘fixing’ your relationship, continually bringing up mistakes can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Instead of bringing you closer, your relationship can become more divided and less fulfilling. Relationship counselling has the potential to drive you apart. That doesn’t sound very rewarding or enjoyable at all.

Relationship coaching is all about looking forward to your future as a couple and working with you to help you achieve your personal and relationship goals. It is a positive, results-oriented activity with the goal being to improve the quality of your relationship, which improves your overall quality of life. Relationship coaching is about moving your relationship to a higher level and focuses on the intentional actions you and your partner can take to increase your connection and alignment. This leads to relationship growth and increased fulfillment, so you and your partner feel inspired and strong in your partnership. That sounds like a much more rewarding and positive experience!

We don’t use psychotherapy or clinical assessments to evaluate your thoughts, behaviours or emotions. Feelings will be discussed during our coaching sessions, but don’t worry, no psychoanalysis or therapy will be used. We will not diagnose you with any ‘condition’ and we won’t judge you for how you feel. We are not counsellors and won’t pretend to be.

Think of us like a personal trainer as opposed to a surgeon. Our goal is to make the healthy better, not fix the broken.

As Relationship Coaches our primary focus is you, your partner and your relationship. You and your partner are healthy, powerful, and capable of achieving your goals.

We help couples create their vision for the future they want and then work together to move your vision from an idea to reality!


We know your relationship is capable of great success!

Flames and Oilers hug and smile.
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