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Communicate...or DETERIORATE!

Free webinar

Thursday, June 10 @ 8pm EST

Presented by Transformed Couples

Communication ISN'T what you say, or how you say it.

Communication IS easy for some, and uncomfortable for others.

This event is FOR YOU want to learn how to communicate more effectively WITH your partner and not AGAINST each other. 

Destructive communication habits are keeping you from feeling connected and making you and your partner feel like you're speaking two different languages.


Leading to frustration, anger and disappointment that keeps you divided and prevents you from truly being heard and understood.


We've all heard the cliche, 'Good COMMUNICATION is important for a successful relationship.'

But here's the truth.


Just because you hear something said over and over, doesn't mean you're going to be good at it.

You need to learn something before you can be good at, that includes communication skills.


The reality is, most of us don't take a course or get taught in school how to communicate effectively. We're told communication is important, but then we're just expected to figure it out. 


Some people think 'good communication' means talking a lot and telling your partner how you feel. Others think it's letting your partner tell you whatever they want and being their 'sounding board'. And believe it or not, some people think good communication means raising your voice louder than your partner until all of a sudden you're both yelling at each other and you've forgotten what started the conversation in the first place.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you said YES, this is for YOU!

Are you feeling?

- Disconnected because your partner doesn't talk to you

- Triggered by words and actions of your partner

- Frustrated when communicating your feelings

- Discouraged by a lack of communication in your relationship

None of these feelings will have you connected, aligned and moving forward in your relationship.

When you attend, you will:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate so it doesn't start an argument

  • Identify behaviors that create disconnect

  • Discover healthy ways to respond when triggered

  • Feel understood & heard

  • Understand why your partner communicates like they do

We'll give you tools you can start using IMMEDIATELY!

This webinar is for you IF:

  1. You and your partner are talking a lot but it feels like you're getting further apart

  2. You feel disconnected because you communicate differently

  3. You're easily triggered and looking for a better way to handle it

  4. You're sick and tired of saying and doing what you think you should but getting nowhere

Here's what attending will provide to you:

  • Increased self awareness to how and why you've been communicating like you have

  • Actually understanding thought patterns when triggered

  • Experience breakthroughs that will have you reconnecting sooner

  • Communication skills you can start using today!

If you said YES to any of the statements above, BOOK your spot and MARK your calendar to attend the 'Communicate or DETERIORATE' Webinar! 


Date: Thursday, June 10

Time: 8pm EST

Location: Wherever you decide to log in

Duration: 1 hour

PS...Everyone who attends will receive a FREE Gift that will give you and your partner GREAT ideas for connection, communication and more fun in your relationship! 


See you June 10

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