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Relationship Roadmap

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions about your partner, yourself or your relationship?

Your partner

- Why does my partner act, think and say what they do?

- Why is it so difficult for them to see my point of view?

- Why don't they show affection to my kids?


- Why do I respond to my partner and kids the way I do?

- Why do I feel disconnected from my partner?

- What can I do to be a better partner?

Your relationship

- Why do we keep having the same arguments over and over?

- How can we improve our communication?

- Why don't we have the excitement and passion we used to?

It's NORMAL to ask yourself these questions. After all, relationships are complex, challenging and confusing.

It's also NORMAL for these questions to bring feelings of frustration and fear.  

But, what if we told you there's a simple and easy way to get answers to these questions and more? 

What if you could learn more about yourself, your partner and your relationship to feel more understood and appreciated?

That's where the Relationship Roadmap comes in.


It's FULL of answers to your questions, and has the POWER to create CLARITY for your relationship.  

The Relationship Roadmap is the World's #1 Premarital and Marriage Assessment. It's been in use for 40+ years,  it's strengthened over 4 million relationships, across more than 100 countries

Your Relationship Roadmap is unique to you and your relationship and no Roadmap looks the same because no relationship is the same! 

Your Relationship Roadmap provides information you won't get anywhere else:


1. Your personalities

2. Characteristics of your relationship

3. Relationship Strength and Growth areas

4. Insights into key areas of your relationship (Communication, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy, Finances, and so much more!)

5. Deeper awareness of each other

Do you want to find out what your Relationship Roadmap looks like?

It's time to stop wandering aimlessly, and start living with direction.

It's time to learn, grow and connect on a different level.

We want to provide you with Clarity, Information and tools to help you feel more understood. 

Here's what you get:
- Personal links to the Relationship assessment (for you and your partner)
- Customized relationship review
- Insights about key areas of your relationship
- 60 Minute Breakthrough Results call to review your Relationship Roadmap with Garrett and Chelsea (2 on 2) 
- 'aha' moments

We're excited to connect with you and help move your relationship forward! 



Julie K. 

Seeing our results was such an eye opener. We learnt so much about ourselves and our relationship. We were able to understand each other better and see why we do certain things. So much value!  

Jessica B. much great information and having Garrett and Chelsea walk us through what it all means and how it applies to our relationship was so valuable. We learnt so much more

about each other. 

Mark R.

This was one of the best things we've done for our marriage. The survey covers so many areas and really opened our eyes to a lot of things. Seeing our strength and growth areas helps us move forward in a healthier way.

Thank you so much. 

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