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Intimacy Challenge 2022

Intimacy in relationship/marriage is not just about having SEX. Ok, now that we've got your attention, Webster's dictionary defines Intimacy as 'the state of being intimate, familiarity.' Something of a personal or private nature.


Intimacy doesn't 'just happen'. It requires INTENTIONAL ACTIONS

Which is why we're hosting a FREE 5 DAY INTIMACY CHALLENGE!


You and your partner.


A free 5 day Intimacy Challenge where you'll receive a daily challenge to complete with your partner.

Each challenge you complete gets you 1 entry into a draw for some great curated prizes!

You can earn up to 5 entries by completing all 5 challenges. Bonus points may be awarded along the way!

The 5 areas of Intimacy we'll cover:

1. Recreational 

2. Intellectual

3. Emotional

4. Spiritual

5. Physical


Monday, Feb. 21 - Friday, Feb. 25


A private VIP Facebook group. (You'll be sent directly to the group when you hit 'Let's Go' below)

We'll be going LIVE and posting in the group during the week to drop the daily challenges and provide some tips and tricks to help you build and deepen your Intimacy! 


Because your marriage/relationship deserves it!!!

Save your spot by clicking the 'Let's Go' button below. You'll be taken to the Facebook group page where you can request to join.

We can't wait to see you there! 


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