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For couples who want to create a SAFE space to communicate and develop a level of INTIMACY they didn't know was possible. Where vulnerable, scary and uncomfortable conversations can happen with understanding, COMPASSION and appreciation for one another to remove feelings of embarrassment and fear of judgement.

You have to get NAKED emotionally to get NAKED physically.

We all have moments when the very thought of bringing something forward to our partner scares us. We feel anxious, nervous, uncomfortable, embarrassed, and alone.

Sound familiar?

Conversations when our heart feels like it's going to beat right out of our chest. We get a lump in our throat just thinking about what we're going to say.

We lose sleep at night tossing and turning thinking about what we'll say, how we'll say it…or if it's worth saying anything at all.

We're beyond scared of how our partner will react; worried about what they might think or do. Will they judge? Love us less? Think differently about us? What if they leave us?

EVERY relationship experiences this. In fact; it's normal.


When we stop bringing uncomfortable conversations to the table, we start living in more discomfort. So what now? 

This is why we created NAKED!

It's time to get NAKED!

NAKED is all about giving you the tools to create a safe space for vulnerable, uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing and downright scary conversations to take place and not be the source of disconnect, conflict and confusion.

It's common to feel lost, confused, guilt or shame when bringing certain things forward to our partner. But these feelings can be replaced by feeling heard, understood and valued.

If we don't create a safe space to give, receive and be vulnerable to ourselves and our partner…we risk losing connection, desire and feeling safe in our marriage!

It doesn't have to be this way.

NAKED is for you IF...

YOU desire to create a safe space for you and your partner to:

  • Share thoughts, feelings and statements that make you anxious 

  • Create new beliefs about what it means to be vulnerable

  • Deepen connection and desire through intentional communication

  • Be emotionally vulnerable

  • Feel more appreciated, understood, valued and respected

  • Support each other during challenging seasons

  • Present tough topics in an effective way

  • Respond to difficult conversations in a healthy way 

  • Up level intimacy in all areas of your relationship

  • Feel more comfortable being your authentic self 

  • Reshape beliefs that are holding you back

NAKED will help you: 

  • Bring awareness to your personal beliefs about communication.

  • Teach you how to reduce nervousness, anxiety and embarrassment when you bring 'hard stuff' to the table.

  • Create a safe space in your relationship for honest conversations.

  • Develop more security in your relationship.

  • Uncover destructive communication patterns.

  • Identify beliefs that limit connection and deeper levels of intimacy.

What's included:

  • Personalized Workbook

  • 8 Impactful Modules

  • 8 weeks of coaching support

  • 4+ hours of video content

  • Laser coaching

  • Live coaching*

  • Live Q&A*

  • Exclusive Facebook community

*Video content will appear Live and prerecorded. All sessions will be available to view as 'replays' in the group. So if you can't make it live, you can catch it when it works for you. 

Join us for $339 per couple!

We support you in breakthrough after breakthrough as your relationship evolves and becomes a safe space for conversations where you
GROW together!

It's time to get NAKED!

Save your spot TODAY!

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