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Doing THIS one thing, can make a BIG difference!

Have you ever heard the word “bid” before?

If you've been to an auction, silent or live, you likely answered yes. When the term 'bid' is used in those settings it's a persons way of saying they want the item being bid on.

Let's think of that in terms of a relationship, and a twist we'd like to put on 'bids'.

Bids are what we refer to as a request for connection. People often think bids lead to sex, which they sometimes can, but that’s not always the case. When you make a bid to your partner you’re asking for connection, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Here’s a few examples for you:

🖤 You ask your partner to tell you about their day when they get home from work.

🖤 You’re making dinner and your partner comes up behind you, kisses your neck, puts their arms around you and whispers “you’re so hot” in your ear.

🖤 Your partner makes coffee and asks you to join them on the deck for morning prayer and devotions before starting the day.

These are all things we do to make deposits into our emotional bank accounts. Without these, we risk our accounts running low and we can feel disconnected from our partner. The more bids we make, the more likely our relationship bank accounts will grow and we'll feel more connected, loved and supported by our partner. Making bids can be as simple as you want them to be, or they can be elaborate. What matters most is that you make them. It can become easy in relationships to take our partner for granted or just 'go with the flow'. When that happens we become complacent and it's dangerous territory where we're more easily triggered and we feel distant from each other.

By making bids, responding to bids and remembering to validate each others presence your relationship can experience considerable growth and increased connection, intimacy and satisfaction.

It’s important to make daily deposits, and respond when we receive bids from our other half to keep your relationship thriving.

Ps - this is a reminder to make a few bids to your partner today in case you haven’t already!

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