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Give your partner something you BOTH want!

It's that time of year again. You know...the one where you might feel obligated to buy your partner a gift that's supposed to tell them you really appreciate them, love them and want them to be your 'Valentine' or something like that. Can you tell how much we love Valentine's Day?!?! haha

In all seriousness, we appreciate the sentiment behind V-day, as we believe it's important to appreciate, surprise, and remind your partner how much you love them. What we really struggle with is the fact there's a dedicated day on the calendar to do this. After all, shouldn't you take the opportunity to appreciate, acknowledge, share and be vulnerable with your partner throughout the year? We think yes.

Typical gifts on V-day range from teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, a fancy dinner, maybe some clothes, candles, makeup, or some 'thing' else that reaffirms to your partner how much you adore them and love sharing your life together.

But did you know that in a poll we recently saw, 74% of people said what they really want for V-day is 'TIME' with their partner!

That's right, despite a year when couples have spent more time with each other than ever before because of lockdowns, working from home or being laid off, people want more 'TIME' together.

We're going to go out on a limb and assume that what they really mean is they want more 'QUALITY TIME' with their partner. You know what that means, they want more INTIMATE time!!!

Intimacy is the glue that binds a relationship, strengthens a couple, makes people feel more connected, understood, appreciated and valued. The wonderful reality about intimacy is that it comes in multiple forms, each having different benefits.

Emotional intimacy helps partners feel more understood.

Mental intimacy helps partners feel more valued.

Physical intimacy helps partners feel more appreciated.

The first word most people think of when they hear the word 'intimacy' is sex. Yes, that type of intimacy is important and such a gift to relationships. But did you know that it's emotional and mental intimacy that leads to the desire for physical intimacy?

Listen, it's been a stressful year. Maybe you've put on weight, or your partner has. Maybe you've been working from home and feel sick and tired of being in your house so much. Maybe you're frustrated that you and your partner can't travel and just get away from it all. Maybe you've experienced financial challenges and you're feeling money stress.

Whatever is going on, remember this. What you do, say, or give to your partner on Valentine's Day shouldn't be saved for just February 14th. Give your partner gifts of appreciation, understanding, care and compassion. Open your ear to their heart and be vulnerable to them. Enjoy one of the greatest gifts of relationship...INTIMACY!

PS - Check out the amazing ULTIMATE INTIMACY app and download it direct to your phone today! It could be the best gift you give your relationship.

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