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Love is a Verb

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

If you ask 10 people what 'love' is, you'll likely get 10 different answers. A lot of people think they know what love is based on a song they heard, a feeling they had with someone, a movie they watched or even based on something someone told them when they were young.

Society will tell us many different things about what 'love' is. We all learn to define love differently for ourselves, and included in that is how we choose to show love or what we believe 'love' to be.

Based on your experiences you will define your own definition of 'love' that's personal to you. What we've come to realize based on our experiences with love is that LOVE IS A VERB.

It's not a warm, fuzzy feeling. It's not a random word in a song. It's not something you say to anyone. It's not given out freely and it shouldn't be received with reservations.

Love is an action.

You choose who you love and why you love them. But more importantly, you reaffirm your love for another person by how you choose to act towards them...daily.

When you consciously choose to listen, respect, understand, empathize and appreciate your partner for who they are that's when you're truly loving them.

At times it can be difficult to choose love, but in those challenging times it's just as important to remember why you chose your partner and what makes you love them.

What does your partner do or say that warms you up inside? What are some things they say to you that make you feel appreciated and thought of? How do they surprise you and put a smile on your face? How do they make you feel when you're around them?

Ask yourself these questions about your partner, but also be sure to remind yourself that you have the power to show love to your partner by making intentional choices that will grow your relationship!

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