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4 Strategies to Find Balance During Stressful Times

Are you finding it difficult to find balance in your relationship right now?

You're not alone and what you're feeling is completely ok. Relationships are under stress right now and we're all being pulled in multiple directions. Parents are balancing home schooling, working from home, being good parents and partners and it's all new territory.

If you find yourself getting upset at your partner easier, or your kids, it's to be expected while we all navigate and try to understand our current situation and what's going on in the world.

Here are 4 strategies we've been using to redefine 'balance' in our home:

1. Listen

- To your partner and your kids

- Ask them what you can do to help them feel less anxious and more relaxed and then agree to work with each other.

- To yourself. That quiet voice that only speaks when you listen carefully is your personal reminder of what you need, list to it closely.

2. Space

- Despite being under the same roof 24/7, it's so important to find space in your home where you can go and be alone and decompress. Go there, close your eyes and breathe.

3. Grace

- For yourself, your partner, your kids.

- Give grace freely and allow yourself to accept it from others, but most importantly have grace on yourself.

4. Understanding

- Feelings, thoughts, and words are changing hourly.

- Be aware, tolerant and give forgiveness to others.

Your relationship is the foundation of your home.

Be sure you and your partner stay strong through this and remind each other, this will pass.

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