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Conflict Resolution MASTERCLASS

Tuesday, June 29 @ 9pm EST
Presented by Transformed Couples

The first rule of the "NEW" Fight Club is...
we TALK about Fight Club!

For blended family couples who want to fight smarter, not harder.

Destructive communication habits are keeping you from feeling connected and driving a wedge of resentment between you and your partner. Leading to frustration that keeps you divided and prevents you from truly being heard and understood. 


First things first.


If you're in a relationship it's not a matter of IF they'll be conflict, it's a matter of WHEN.

How you and your partner manage conflict WILL BE the difference between moving forward together,

or not moving forward at all.

Are you feeling?

- Disconnected because of conflict

- Lack of patience and easily triggered

- Frustrated when communicating your feelings

- Like you're having the same argument, and not getting anywhere

None of these feelings will have you connected, aligned and growing in your relationship.

When you attend, you will:

  • Learn how to effectively manage conflict

  • Identify behaviors that create disconnect

  • Discover healthy ways to respond when triggered

  • Feel understood & heard

  • Resolve conflict quicker

We'll give you tools you can start using IMMEDIATELY

This webinar is for you IF:

  1. You and your partner are sick and tired of constantly arguing over the same things

  2. You feel disconnected to each other because of conflict

  3. You're easily triggered and looking for a better way to handle it

  4. You're consuming relationship content daily but not seeing the results you desire

Here's what attending will provide to you:

  • Increased self awareness to how you've been managing conflict

  • Actually understanding behavior patterns when triggered

  • Experience breakthroughs that will have you reconnecting sooner

  • Response methods you can start using today!

If you were nodding your head YES to any of the statements above, BOOK your spot and MARK your calendar to attend 'The "NEW" Fight Club Webinar'! 


Date: Tuesday, June 29

Time: 9pm EST

Location: Wherever you decide to log in

Duration: 1 hour

PS...Everyone who attends will receive a FREE Gift that will help you navigate conflict easier in your relationship. 

Sign up TODAY! 

See you on June 29!